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<I don't have nerves of steel, I have a heart that feels>
"Live as if you'll die tomorrow, Learn as if you'll live forever" -Ghandi
We used to be friends, a long time ago...

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This journal is now Friends-Only. Sort of...

What I mean is that all my graphics or fandom related posts will remain public, but anything having to do with my personal life will be friends-only. So if you're only here for my art or to talk pop-culture, there's no need to friend me (Unless you want to, in which case, please do!).

However, if you're here because for some strange reason you think I'm cool, or interesting, or funny, or [insert descriptive word here], then please, leave a comment and let me know! If we share interests, or friends, and reading your journal doesn't make my brain hurt or make me want to hurl things at the monitor, then I will most likely add you. Don't be shy, I'm really not that bad. Just picky.

So please, if you want to be friended, or if you have a graphic request, then comment here. Try to be witty and/or interesting, and please be legible.

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3 Chuck Wallpapers
I'm so glad that Chuck got renewed, even if we do have to wait til the New Year to see it...dammit, there's always a catch!

Anyway, I made 3 Chuck wallpapers, 2 of them have spoilers from the 2 last episodes, so they're under the cut.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
(Not happy with this one, but I like the concept so I'm posting it.)

2 more under the cut...Collapse )

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A few Bones Wallpapers
I seriously cannot get enough of this show. Sure, we all were kinda disappointed in the finale, but I choose to look at it as a little bit of fan fiction made into a show. Suspended reality, if you will.

Anyway, I've been puttering around making a few wallpapers, some featuring characters and some featuring scenes from the last few episodes. Under the cut has spoilers if you haven't seen this season, so just be forewarned.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

More under the cut...Collapse )

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Some recent Wallpapers.
Okay, I haven't made wallpapers in a while, so I'm a little rusty, but here's just a few that I've made recently while I try to get back into the swing of things.

As usual, comment if you're taking any. :)

From Bones:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

From Firefly:

Paul Rudd:

From Chuck:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

And by request from a friend, one of Spike:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
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Request, por favor..
Does anyone know where I can get decent quality screencaps of the latest episode of Chuck? I want to make a new wallpaper but I can't seem to find any caps...Thanks guys!

Still need a place to host all my other art too...guess I'll have to use imageshack or tinypic. Hmph.
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Pic Hosting site
Okay, so in my time away, obviously my paid account has expired. However, I have since started making fanart and wallpapers again, but alas have no way of hosting them. Does anyone know of an easy to use, reliable pic hosting site that won't resize images?

I'd really like to share the few that I have, since I know I still have a few of you out there who liked my art.

Also, I really need a new LJ layout, since my other layout was only compatible with a paid account. I don't even understand how LJ works anymore.

Also, shameless plug, but does anyone have Twitter? You can find me on there, http://twitter.com/kristimeier.

I'll post a LIFE update soonish, but for now I just want to have a place to post my wallpapers. Can anyone help?

I am : bored bored
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Now, with pictures!
Okay, I got my camera, so here's the ring! Better grab some sunglasses....

13 diamonds in total!Collapse )
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big things -- wow things!
So, I have big news. The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived!


Matt and I got engaged last night!! We were on our way home from the grocery store when he turned the car up the road to the lake. The lake is where we had our very first date, and where we went Valentine's Day. It was pouring rain, so of course I thought he was crazy. Plus, we had refrigerated items to put away, but I'm the practical one.

Anyway, we got up to the lake, and long story short, he got down on one knee IN THE POURING RAIN and asked me to marry him! And I said yes! (Actually, I said "of course" but you know...) We got soaked, and muddy (I actually fell in a puddle, how's that for romantic? I was in heels!) but it was just so amazingly perfect. I'm so happy.

And the ring! OMG, you should see the ring. When I can find my camera, you'll all see it. It might just blind you.


(Gen, I tried messaging you last night, but you didn't answer...)

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I am not dead.
HOLY JUMPIN JEHOSAPHATS! I'm alive! I just thought I'd post really quickly to let you all know that I have not, in fact, died and that I will be posting a right proper update forthwith. Er..soon.

I do have a few graphics that I have made, if you're interested at all.

Header- Veronica Mars- God, I hope they save that show and still keep it good...

Wallpaper- Nathan & Haley- One Tree Hill

Wallpaper- Veronica & Logan- Veronica Mars, lyrics from Katherine McPhee's 'Home'.

Enjoy, and comment to let me know that you haven't given up on me!

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I am listening to: The rain...and the wind.
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Feliz Navidad
Well, since I'm not going to have a tree this year, and I haven't made out a wishlist, ya'll can at least put things in my stocking (dirty!). Please?

my xmas stockingCollapse )
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We interrupt this program to bring you a very important bulletin...
I know I'm the only crazy person left still watching the O.C, but I'm faithful to the end, baby! And I just have to say that Taylor Townsend is my new favourite tv character (after House, natch..oh, and Stephen) and that Autumn Reeser is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. And Ryan and Taylor is my new OTP. Yeah, I said it. Shut up. Now to find me a Ryan/Taylor icon....

That is all. Carry on.
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Gooood T.V
Logan Echolls= LOVE.

my in depth analysis under here...Collapse )

Well, that's all I can think of right now..still processing it all. I'm sure I'll have more to say later.

Oh, and all I have to say about Gilmore Girls is thisCollapse )

I am listening to: That "right here, right now" song running through my head
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Snow Update
Well, it's 2 days later and we're still snowed in. Matt's car is frozen in 3 feet of snow and won't start, so we're both home baking cookies! (Well, he's baking, I'm writing in my journal, obv...)

It's -10 C, -25 C with the windchill, and boy is it windy! I bundled up in big size 13 snow boots (Matt's), huge gloves, a parka and a hat and went out to the barn to bring the cats some water. I almost blew away! It's delightfully arctic out there. The poor kitties are hiding in the barn and trying to stay warm. They're probably jealous of Sebastian who gets to stay inside.

See? Look at her gloating...

Anyway, we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow and Thursday, so hopefully we can get the car going before it comes. I need to work tomorrow, as does Matt. Normally, driving into the city from Matt's house takes about 20 minutes...10 minutes to get to the freeway, and then 10 minutes on the freeway..this morning, his Dad (who lives next door) took AN HOUR to get just to the freeway! It's insane...I grew up with this weather, but the people down here are just not used to it. In fact, I was kinda getting used to green Christmases, so this is kind of a shock to me as well.

Anyway, this is the view outside yesterday morning...see the lip of snow hanging off the roof? It's gotten worse...

And see the white dust in the air? And how bent over that tree is? That's from the wind blowing! It's awesome!

However, as much I'm loving this, I want it to be gone by Sunday because it's my work Christmas party and if there is snow on the ground, I can't wear my strappy black sandals! Oh dilemmas....

On another note: Happy Birthday Jonny Stu! Jon Stewart is 44 yrs old today, folks. Mmm...much like cheese, he just gets better with age.

I am : chipper chipper
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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
Guys, I think it's officially winter. I live in a climate that gets MAYBE a few centimetres of snow, for about 2 days every winter. Well, in the past 24 hours, it's snowed 3 FEET. And there's no end in sight! The roads that are still open are almost too dangerous to drive on...the freeway? Empty. I was only out there because I had to work and was driving home afterwards. They even sent most of the staff home early so they could drive during daylight, but they had the essential staff stay, of which I am one, so I wasn't so lucky. Matt picked me up and while he was waiting for me he shoveled out all my co-workers cars who had been parked there all day. What a sweetie, eh? It's a complete blizzard out there. The wind is blowing like crazy, and because we live out in farm country, on the prairie, the wind is worse. Matt's car is actually stuck in the driveway (He's out there right now putting chains on it) and when I opened the door to get out, the snow was so deep that it came inside the car when I opened it! Matt was in boots, so he tried to give me a piggy-back ride to the door, but I just made a run for it. Seriously, I feel like I'm at the North Pole!

I don't think Matt's going to be able to go in to work tomorrow...Most of the roads are closed, pretty much all the schools are closed, buses aren't running, etc. I have the day off, so I don't need to go anywhere, thank God. We're supposed to get another foot of snow overnight. This is NOT normal. At least we still have electricity (knock wood). There are about 10-20,000 people in the area without it...

Poor Matt's probably freezing! I'm gonna put the tea kettle on so he can have some hot cocoa when he comes in.

Oh yeah, and did I mention I LOVE IT?

I am : cold cold
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What else, but a meme?
Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you list 10 things you love that begin with that letter.

clarequilty has burdened me with the letter H.

1. Honey and Peanut Butter Sandwiches-But only if they're toasted, and especially if they're drippy....yum

2. Hugs- Come on, who doesn't love a good hug? Well, those who don't like to be touched, but what do they know?

3. HOUSE- Um, look at my journal..isn't it obvious that it's my favourite tv show?

4. Hugh Laurie- I know, you're gonna say that I already chose House, and by extension I should include Hugh in that as well...No, no, my friends. Hugh is better than that..Hugh is BEYOND House...He is multi-faceted amazing.

5. Hairy Puppies!-

My Mom's puppy, Kisa, is the cutest little hairy beast ever! See, aren't we the cutest brother and sister team ever? Say yes, because you know it's true.

6. Hot Chocolate- A nice cold day, wearing a cozy sweater and fuzzy socks with a big mug of Hot Cocoa? HEAVEN.

7. Happiness- This one is obvious. There's so little of it in the world, and in our lives that it's this rare thing to treasure and to hold on to when you find it. It's so basic, but it's so special.

8. Helping Others- Lame, I know, but I just love to teach people things. I like being useful and being able to share my knowledge with others. Plus, it's good karma.

9. Holiday Cheer!-Specifically, Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Music, laughing, CHOCOLATE, hustle and bustle...all of it. It's all just magical. I start looking forward to Christmas on Dec. 26. It's my favourite time of year.

10. Hair Products- If you look in my bathroom (Or even Matt's bathroom, now) you'll see that I have one of almost every brand of hair product. I love to discover knew things to try on my hair, and there is proof that advertising works because everytime I see some new "miracle" product on tv or in a magazine, I HAVE to try it. Right now I'm LOVING Sunsilk's Anti-Frizz line of products...the Shampoo, Conditioner and leave-in is A-MAZING. My hair has never been so healthy...I tried the Pantene Frizz-free line, but it was too heavy...my hair always felt weighed down. Sunsilk is nice and light...but, give it a few weeks and I'll toss it under my sink with the rest of the stuff I've moved on from. Seriously, if you ever need something for your hair, I'm the girl to ask.

Okay, I'm a bit lame, but come on, H is a hard letter! Now you comment, I'll give you a letter and you do this in your journal!

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I'm smarter than I thought I was...
Hey, all you TWOP'ers. Do any of ya'll ever go on the forums and look at the challenges, i.e the Pixel Challenges or the RDC Challenges? Yeah? Me too. Oh, and guess what? I WON THE RDC CHALLENGE! How cool is that? The shirt I want isn't in stock, so I'll probably get the Good Grammar costs Nothing shirt. I already have the 'The Fake News Is All I Need' one, courtesy of my girl Gen, so I'm happy.

I'm just so tickled about it though..I mean, the contest has been running since August because nobody has been able to guess the correct answer until now. I rule, cleary. HEHEHEHE.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with my last post to Gen...and no Mari, I'm not engaged. Yet.

I am : giggly giggly
I am listening to: running water, both from the rain and Matt doing the dishes
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Wallpaper- Bones, Booth and Brennan
Well, I made this wallpaper mainly for Gen (genevieve), since she's who I make 90% of my wallpapers for, BUT, since she hasn't been on MSN in about 3 days, I'm just gonna post it here. Feel free to take it if you like it, and comments are highly encouraged (and appreciated)!

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Good evening, Godless Sodomites.
Hello dear flist,

I have a few requests for you all (I'm such a user, it's pathetic. But you love me, don't you?). I'm going to visit my brother and his new baby in a few weeks (ROAD TRIP!) and I want to make him a mix cd of "Daddy songs". You know, like 'My Little Girl' by Tim McGraw, and 'It Takes a Man' by Aaron Lines(Can you tell he likes country?). Anyway, I don't know of a lot of appropriate songs so I'm hoping you wonderful people can help me out. Tell me about some sappy Daddy songs, about how much a man loves his daughter or whatever...preferably country songs, but any other genre works too.

Request number 2: I'm needing some new, fun LJ communities in my life. Can any of you recommend some cool communities? Maybe ones that have cool tips, or tutorials, or games, or a really good fandom, or anything...tell me about your favourite communities!

Also, does anyone have any graphic requests? I've been getting the Photoshop bug lately and I need some inspiration....

I am : excited excited
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New community layouts
I've been in a total Photoshop mood today, so I've put up new layouts at housegraphics and tv_earcandy. I think they're preeeeetttttyyyy, so you should go check them out. And if you're not a member of either community...well, what's wrong with you?

I didn't change stephentcolbert because I still really like the layout that's there, but you should still go join if you're not a member.

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Header and Wallpaper- House & Gilmore Girls
Header- House & Cameron
Lyrics- Never Alone by BarlowGirl

Wallpaper- Luke & Lorelai
Gilmore Girls
Lyrics- Rain by Patti Griffin

Comment. Credit. Enjoy.

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