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Snow Update - <I don't have nerves of steel, I have a heart that feels>
"Live as if you'll die tomorrow, Learn as if you'll live forever" -Ghandi
Snow Update
Well, it's 2 days later and we're still snowed in. Matt's car is frozen in 3 feet of snow and won't start, so we're both home baking cookies! (Well, he's baking, I'm writing in my journal, obv...)

It's -10 C, -25 C with the windchill, and boy is it windy! I bundled up in big size 13 snow boots (Matt's), huge gloves, a parka and a hat and went out to the barn to bring the cats some water. I almost blew away! It's delightfully arctic out there. The poor kitties are hiding in the barn and trying to stay warm. They're probably jealous of Sebastian who gets to stay inside.

See? Look at her gloating...

Anyway, we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow and Thursday, so hopefully we can get the car going before it comes. I need to work tomorrow, as does Matt. Normally, driving into the city from Matt's house takes about 20 minutes...10 minutes to get to the freeway, and then 10 minutes on the freeway..this morning, his Dad (who lives next door) took AN HOUR to get just to the freeway! It's insane...I grew up with this weather, but the people down here are just not used to it. In fact, I was kinda getting used to green Christmases, so this is kind of a shock to me as well.

Anyway, this is the view outside yesterday morning...see the lip of snow hanging off the roof? It's gotten worse...

And see the white dust in the air? And how bent over that tree is? That's from the wind blowing! It's awesome!

However, as much I'm loving this, I want it to be gone by Sunday because it's my work Christmas party and if there is snow on the ground, I can't wear my strappy black sandals! Oh dilemmas....

On another note: Happy Birthday Jonny Stu! Jon Stewart is 44 yrs old today, folks. Mmm...much like cheese, he just gets better with age.

I am : chipper chipper
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From:moirariordan (Link)
Date: November 28th, 2006 - 10:06 pm
Snowed in? Lucky you, all we got was a rainstorm. :)

And happy birthday, Jon! Didn't know that was today.
From:idolessrainbow (Link)
Date: November 28th, 2006 - 10:28 pm
the snow is pretty, but good thing you're inside

And I completely agree about Jon. I love him. I have a huge crush on him. lol.
From:decidedly_irish (Link)
Date: November 29th, 2006 - 12:32 am
i want snow!..i think all we'll get is sleet..but maybe you can talk your snow into plopping a fit right on Shreveport, louisiana? on wednesday night...after i make it to jesse's place...cause what says...let's make this relationship official more than snowed in molesting?! :D

and you can still wear the strappy sandals! just pack em in a bag and change from the snow boots in the bathroom or the hallway or some other room before the actual party room!

ciao..and good luck with all the snowy coldness!
From:friendsholic (Link)
Date: December 4th, 2006 - 05:17 pm
wow, those pics are gorgeous. Your cat makes me laugh,, while the other ones are freezing their ass off, he's inside looking out, like a nice lil' fella (lmao)

The pics are gorgeous. Looks really cold. We got our first snow of the winter yesterday. (Dec 3rd, 2006) It's very unusual for here (Montreal, CANADA), usually we get snow in Nov. but we were pulling 13C -17C all week and yesterday it finally snowed. But hey Global warming, right! Anyway, i was enjoying the nice weather while it lasted.